Governor Responsibilities

The Governors role includes taking responsibility for particular areas of the curriculum and school operations. Governors with curriculum responsibility are expected to meet with their subject leaders on a regular basis to understand what is going on 'in the thick of the action' and use their findings to help oversee the smooth running of the school. 

Other areas of school maintenance like finance and performance management require regular meetings of the Governors committee members and sometimes of Local Education Authority personnel too. This helps the school to be continually self-reviewing progress made and identifying areas of development.

Governors Meetings

The Governing Body meets regularly to oversee the smooth running of the school. Much of the work is carried on through working parties and committees. 

Governors play an important part in the life of the school and regularly attend school events as well as making informal visits. Each governor has a particular area of responsibility as well as serving on the full Governing Body.  

Governors Training

Training is a necessary part of being a Governor and the Governors Support Unit in Norwich arrange for a range of courses on a wide variety of subjects which Governors need to be aware of.