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We have a fantastic Governing Body who keep a watchful eye over all that we do. They are in place to be a 'critical friend'. This means that they have the tricky job of constantly asking challenging questions about every aspect of school. 


In accordance with statutory requirements, the main functions of Ormesby Village Schools Federation's Governing Body are;

  • To ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

  • To hold the headteacher and leaders to account for performance of the school;

  • To ensure effective and efficient use of school funds.


Headteacher: Mr. Bradley Young

Chair of Governors – Local Authority Governor: Mr. Clive Sillitoe (Finance & Resources)

Vice-Chair of Governors – Co-Opted Governor: Mrs. Julia Hawkins (Safeguarding, Resources & SEN)

Staff Governor: Mrs. Elizabeth Angel (Curriculum)

Parent Governor: Mrs. Karen Wacey (Teaching and Learning)

Co-Opted Governor: Mr. Craig Robertson (Curriculum)

Co-Opted Governor: Mrs. Carla Brightman (Finance & Community/Fundraising)

Co-Opted Governor: Mrs. Lauren Gardiner (Community)

Co-Opted Governor: Mr. Anthony O’Connor (Community)

Co-Opted Governor: Mrs. Annette McMylor (Safeguarding, Curriculum & Leadership and Management)

Clerk to Governors: Mrs. Alleisha Dixon (Educator Solutions Administration)


The Governing Board has 16 positions; 11 are filled and there are currently 5 vacancies:

Co-opted Governors – 5 filled and 6 vacancies

Headteacher – 1 filled

Local Authority Governor – 1 filled

Parent Governors – 1 filled and 1 vacancy

Staff Governor – 1 filled

To discharge the duties of governance, the governors have delegated responsibilities through committees: 

Finance Committee – Clive Sillitoe, Bradley Young and Carla Brightman

Teaching and Learning Committee – Annette McMylor and Karen Wacey

Community Committee – Julia Hawkins, Carla Brightman, Lauren Gardiner and Anthony O’ Connor

Personnel & Resources Committee – Clive Sillitoe, Julia Hawkins, Anthony O’ Connor

In addition to the committees above, governors will meet as a panel to hear Appeals, undertake Headteacher Performance Management Review, and consider pupil discipline issues.

Governors make decisions collectively, but have individual responsibilities in relation to statutory requirements and curriculum subjects.


All of our meetings this year have been quorate. Committees meet at least termly, with the Full Governing Board meeting half-termly. 


Our work this year has really focussed on supporting our Headteacher, school leaders and children to achieve our SIDP vision and achievement targets; to become an "Outstanding” school. We have concentrated on supporting our school leaders to prepare for a COVID-Secure school environment and in making sure that we as a Governing Body are ready to support in any way we can as the "critical friend."

Each Governor has a role and leads the accountability for a topic / policy area for e.g. Safeguarding or SEND. Governors come into school at least once a term to see staff about their policy area and their link role. Governors also visit for Challenge Days looking at many different areas of the school. Governors are asked to write a brief report about their visit to inform the Governing Body of any issues. This might include the need for further resources or a change to policy. We think that this approach supports and strengthens our ability to challenge school leaders and ensure good use of resources.

This has included;

  • Refining data and bringing together data to show pupil progress.

  • Ensuring Governors understand the different data that is presented to us and the main trends and stories for our school. We have shared and analysed data in many different ways and have levelled challenge regarding it towards our school leaders.

  • Supported the external validation of our school leading up to Ofsted. 

  • We have supported the Headteacher in decisions to ensure the quality of teaching at our school is of the highest standard; investing in mixed-age and single form entry classes depending on the pupil numbers of each school; interventions and organisation of staff members to ensure that skills and experience were placed where they are most needed.

  • We have recently approved of the manner in which our Sports' Premium and Pupil Premium monies are being spent and challenged the legacy of the spend.

  • We agreed to redesign the way our schools taught Phonics and Writing and implemented new initiatives to enhance the learning provision in these areas for our pupils. 

  • In terms of budget and resources, our priority is to ensure both school sites are enhanced aesthetically and the Federation receives value for money regarding existing services and subscriptions.

  • Safeguarding and making sure that our safeguarding procedures continue to be robust and to the highest standard has been another regular key area of focus for the governing body.


We will continue to challenge and support the school in their drive towards becoming “Outstanding," in particular, to support the Headteacher in their role as a local leader and to develop an improvement plan with the best interests of the children at the centre. We are implementing Challenge Days and have liaised with the Headteacher to ensure each day has a narrow focus tailored to the improvement targets from our School Improvement and Development Plan. This will enable us to have an even stronger understanding of improvement across the school. 

As a Governing Body, we will recruit non-staff members to fill our vacancies. We will also explore how we can better our committees and consider having all Governors together, instead of being in committees.

Please feel free to come and speak to the Governors at any time about any concerns you may have.

If you wish to contact the Chair of Governors, please write an email addressed to or marking in the subject reference, "CONFIDENTIAL CHAIR"


The Governors role includes taking responsibility for particular areas of the curriculum and school operations. Governors with curriculum responsibility are expected to meet with their subject leaders on a regular basis to understand what is going on 'in the thick of the action' and use their findings to help oversee the smooth running of the school. 

Other areas of school maintenance like finance and performance management require regular meetings of the Governors committee members and sometimes of Local Education Authority personnel too. This helps the school to be continually self-reviewing progress made and identifying areas of development.


The Governing Body meets regularly to oversee the smooth running of the school. Much of the work is carried on through working parties and committees. Governors play an important part in the life of the school and regularly attend school events as well as making informal visits. Each governor has a particular area of responsibility as well as serving on the full Governing Body.  


Training is a necessary part of being a Governor and the Governors Support Unit in Norwich arrange for a range of courses on a wide variety of subjects which Governors need to be aware of.